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Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
So I have given this game almost two days of game play about 6 hours or more. I enjoyed the first Test Drive quite a bit and I had high hopes for TDU2. I was in the beta so my hopes had already been crushed. I gave my feedback as did many others and it seems they didn't want to change much at all.

I wanted to go into the game with a clear mind, like I had never played a driving game before. It didn't help. Is it better than the beta, a little. I guess first the good. It's TDU2 and the island is huge. Racing online is pretty much flawless so far. Havenít seen a lot of people but the social aspect of the game isnít as bad as you think. The cars look pretty nice. 2048x1536 4xaa 16af and I'm pretty much the same as JohnDio, 45fps. That's about it the rest is all bad.

The sounds of the cars are just horrible, electric lawn mowers sound better. I would rather have someone behind me making engine and shifting noises than listen to these cars. This game has no bass, zero. Inside or outside of the car they all sound like utter crap. Itís so bad it makes me think there is an audio engine issue with the game but I was in the beta and I know there is not. They meant for the game to sound this way. Itís bad.

I always use my G25 and I had the game set on hardcore most of the time. FFB works and it feels okay, it doesn't really bother me. What does bother me is the huge dead zone and general lack of the feeling that youíre driving a car. Handling is abysmal. I don't know how they did it but they made my wheel drive like a gamepad. Settings are pretty much useless. Turning and breaking feel very off, itís hard to judge turn entry speed. Cars slow down way too fast itís very unrealistic. The physics and turning just feel bad. Worse than TDU1.

I like driving using the in car view. BTW no support for TrackIR this time around either. They've added an annoying look to turn feature that youíre unable to turn off. For me it results in a feeling of gliding around inside the car as I try to swerve in and out of traffic and around turns. It completely throws off the feeling of turning the car. I don't know why they even have side or rear view mirrors you can't see any of them and there is no way to adjust seat position but you can turn on your blinkers and be one of those idiots that leave it on.

I havenít done much MP but SP racing thus far has been boring, easy and boring. I don't think I ever selected a difficulty level and there is no setting in the menu. At one point I ended up on a dirt road in a Lotus and I found the car could not go over 60mph and if I shifted to third I would start slowing down. With the car rolling on a paved road 1-3mph first gear, letting the clutch out results in a stall. It's very hard to do a normal start, it's a pain. Going automatic just makes the game even more boring. No ignition button like in TDU1 you just push the gas to start the car.

Graphics are decent at best, mostly very bla there are some areas that look nice but they are too few and far between. Rain and night driving is kind of cool and the wet pavement looks good. I canít say the textures are bad some look pretty good. Roads trees dirt grass rocks all look good. Itís just a general lack of color and I would say you can't see more than a few hundred feet up the road at any given time. Seeing textures and trees draw in is very distracting. The actual draw distance is very short and they seem to have setup every road to limit the view as much as possible but you still see trees and buildings being awkwardly drawn in. At one point the game exploded into triangle artifacts.

Is it fun...yes, kind of, not really, no. Do I plan on playing more...yes this thing was $40 bucks and I'm going to pray for patches but I'm afraid there is just too much to fix. Overall Iím being hard on the game but I expected better and feel I'm being honest. Looking around the TDU2 forums I'm not alone, pretty much everyone hates it, some demanding refunds.

Did you try turning down the deadzone in the controls settings? By default the deadzone setting is at 50% (whatever that means).
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