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Originally Posted by Roliath View Post
Why slawter?
Drivers. That's what I was referrin' to. Some people such as Roadhog don't have any issues, others encounter them left and right. I think if you only play mainstream and newer games you'll probably not encounter any problems. Usually it's the less popular or older titles that encounter issues.

I myself ran into a rather frustrating problem. CoD (the original) and MoH:AA won't play on any drivers other than the Cat 10.4s- any newer version and the game errors out when I go to play 'em. Only two titles I've encountered an issue with. I actually started playing many older DOS based games via DOSBox and they all play fine, even older one that support 3D accelleration.

Granted I'm only running single card, and that seems to be on par with nVidia in most cases regarding drivers.
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