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stop talking about me behind my back guys...

I pre-order most of my games, and even play betas... So to say I never play any games right when they are released is just wrong. Lol. All of my cards before my 5870s were nvidia, except for a 9700 pro so I can't say that I ever tried any if those games people have claimed not to work with ati. All I do know is that they do work currently. So there is no need to bring up old issues like that.

yeah, ati drivers used to be ****, key word, used to. Right now you get whql divers monthly, hotfixes when needed, and regular app profiles.

Look at the one person who just bought sli 570s, and is already having issues. Yet just before that they were having issues with ati too. Obviously it want an ati problem. LOL And it probably isn't an nvidia issue either.

Also, I find it hilarious you guys are recommending a 1gb card over a 2gb card for 2560x1600 multi monitors... Fanboys much?
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