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Default Error loading drive for optical drive...

I just noticed that my ODD is not showing up in Computer, but it is listed under device manager- only with the yellow "!" next to it. The error is that Windows cannot load the driver because it may be corrupted.

My drive is an LG BD/HDDVD/DVD-Burner/CD-burner SATA drive. I don't use it often, but often enough that I'd miss not having one. I do have some BD and HD-DVD movies that I watch occassionally.

How can I delete this driver, or might there be a registry fix I can perform? The drive works, it shows up in the BIOS and I booted to multiple LiveCDs and even my Windows 7 DVD. So I know the drive is good. I tried uninstalling the drive in Device Manager, and even checked for updated drivers (both Windows updates and the drive manufacturer). No dice.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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