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Default Re: 570 GTX SLI Questions

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Dude... that just blows.

Is it possible that other components may be your ispsue? faulty RAM? CPU? Bad motherboard? The GPU isn't the only component in your computer that could go bad. I've had 2 sets of ram go bad in the last 8 months, and that caused everything from game freezing to an unstable desktop that would crash every couple minutes. It's only once I got some RAM that was rated for higher voltage (1.6V) that I finally stopped killing memory. In this case, it was a motherboard issue because I couldn't set the memory voltage below 1.6V, and the memory was rated for 1.5V.

Anyway, hope you get it figured out bud. Having to change out hardware constantly really sucks.
Not too long ago I stripped everything down, on rebuilding tested the ram, the CPU was running in low to mid 30s and never got too hot on load, invested in a stronger PSU to make sure that was covered. (Corsair AX1200).

Far as stability went the 6870s were fine, simply the driver issues that I wanted to get away from and have back the ability to create SLI profiles.

Got to say, the Palit SPs did get alot hotter than expected and thats just in Windows. Very strange.

Just have to see how it goes with the EVGA ones today otherwise im throwing in the towel. lol Take up fishing.
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