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Default Re: Palit 2GB GX560Ti's and NV Surround

The surround with 560 Sli worked out pretty well, but as anyone with 3d Vision Surround knows, you want as many fps as possible. (3d Vision cuts framerates in half due to rendering the image twice)

So I put the GTX480 SLi back in that rig and installed my two 2GB GTX560Ti cards in my Phenom II 965BE at stock 3.4GHz and ran a few benches.

On Far Cry 2, 25X16 4X16X Ultra Settings, I got 80ave/117max/52min with two 560s, and 56/78/43 with one. That's only 42% scaling, so I checked it again and got the same 80fps average. In the NVIDIA review guide they report 77% scaling with a 3.2GHz i7, so the AMD CPU is not pushing the 560s to their possible performance. (although it's not bad performance!)

On Metro 2033, at 25X16 AAA 16X, no physx, no DOF, High settings I recorded 48ave/148max/4min with 560 SLi, and 29/49/2 with a single 560. This is 65% scaling and the difference between playable and not- pretty good scaling and more in line with the review guide for these cards. I'd also note I never saw the framerate drop below 30 on the Sli runs, the 4fps must have been a momentary drop on 1-2 frames.
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