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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Originally Posted by MowTin View Post
I thought maybe I had false memories of the original game looking better, but you're right it did look better. It would also run better than this thing. I can't understand why it runs so badly for a game that looks no better than a 4 year old game.

One improvement is that at least you can walk around your car in the garage.
Also, I like the weather and day / night cycle. '
I like that you can play as a cop (haven't tried it yet).
The lack of motion blur definitely makes the game look worse in screenshots. In motion I'm not sure if the difference is that big, but still, they probably should have left motion blur in.

I think the biggest problems people are having are with the stupid cutscenes that aren't skippable and the controls. I'm guessing as you get further in the game, the less of those stupid cutscenes pop up. In terms of the controls, you guys really need to play around with it. It does make a difference and it is possible to dial it into something that feels right IMO. While on a controller and keyboard TDU1's default controls were great, on the MS Racing wheel it was awful because there wasn't enough precision and I had to spend a long time tweaking the controls to be right.

It also sucks that they removed a lot of the customization, like the ability to change your ****pit view angle.

If they are smart, they will be able to patch most of these problems easily.
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