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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Originally Posted by MowTin View Post

I enjoyed myself playing this game tonight.

1. I accepted that it is arcade car handling.
2. I've got my dfp wheel setup properly (360 degrees profiler).
3. I've learned to brake hard at corners and throw the car into the corner.

After the dirt driving school the feeling of the range rover in that license test was so awful I was ready to give up on this game. But after the driving school I was driving to a destination on my gps. GPS took me through a long dirt road. It was started raining...there was thunder. Driving down that dirt road at night during a thunderstorm was fun.

Also, it does provide the one bit of fun that the original TDU offered. Driving in traffic. Passing cars by driving on the wrong side of the road and barely avoiding an oncoming car. Especially fun at night when you see headlights coming at you.

I'm actually looking forward to playing this again tomorrow.

Your mileage may vary. I have a high tolerance for bad games

Oh, be sure to keep your car clean

That's what I wish you could change about the first one. Being able to get rid of the traffic would have made the game a lot better. I think if you were playing single player it was probably better, but if you were playing in online mode cars would glitch all the time and you would run into things you didn't even see.

Originally Posted by MowTin View Post
I thought maybe I had false memories of the original game looking better, but you're right it did look better. It would also run better than this thing. I can't understand why it runs so badly for a game that looks no better than a 4 year old game.

One improvement is that at least you can walk around your car in the garage.
Also, I like the weather and day / night cycle. '
I like that you can play as a cop (haven't tried it yet).
I think it's really CPU limited. I know the first one was. Unfortunately no one who has the game is using an I7 processor. They have the little Havok logo on the splash screen so I'd imagine the CPU physics are what's eating all of the cpu time and causing the game to run at ~ 45fps for anyone with a Q6600. Guessing an I7 at 4ghz would let you vsync @ 60fps.

Originally Posted by bcrt2000 View Post
The lack of motion blur definitely makes the game look worse in screenshots. In motion I'm not sure if the difference is that big, but still, they probably should have left motion blur in.

I think the biggest problems people are having are with the stupid cutscenes that aren't skippable and the controls. I'm guessing as you get further in the game, the less of those stupid cutscenes pop up. In terms of the controls, you guys really need to play around with it. It does make a difference and it is possible to dial it into something that feels right IMO. While on a controller and keyboard TDU1's default controls were great, on the MS Racing wheel it was awful because there wasn't enough precision and I had to spend a long time tweaking the controls to be right.

It also sucks that they removed a lot of the customization, like the ability to change your ****pit view angle.

If they are smart, they will be able to patch most of these problems easily.
Sorry but I can't help but at that. If they were smart they would have spent more time with the beta and fixed the bugs before the game released. Like I said before, the first one only got one patch that added two cars and made the audio worse. So I wouldn't exactly bank on them fixing this one.
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