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so i went ahead and bought the evga superclocked 580.

I guess if the 590 comes out within the next few weeks I can do stepup to that if it need be.

I will add I see entirely wayyyyy tooo much bickering about AMD vs. Nvidia. Seriously, what is this, 2011? I thought we got over this crap years ago.

They are both great card manufacturers. One is never any better than the other... One week this guy is faster, the next week that guy is faster.
One has the better price today, one has the better deal tommorow.

I personally have bought nvidia since 3dfx dropped out years ago. They've never let me down, and ive never had a problem with their product, support, or pricing. So I stick with them. I have no problem with AMD, and I like what they also have to offer. But no reason for me to switch at current time.

Buy whatever makes you happy and leave it at that, geez.
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