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Yep, im loving it! huge improvement over my gtx280!!

I may jsut stick with the gtx580 too... might not bother with stepup.

I just built a new rig:

coolermaster stacker case
intel extreme dp67 mobo
intel i7 2600k, and clocked it at 4.0ghz
evga geforce gtx580 superclocked
used a 1000w bfg power supply from my previous system
Saitek Eclipse III keyboard
my trusty logitech g5 gaming mouse
Speedlink Medusa 5.1 gamer headset running on my onboard audio
shiny new Samsung 27 inch 1080p monitor, 1ms and hdmi
16gb [] micron DDR3 ram
Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
2 x Western digitial black 1tb 64mb/6bps SATA drives, plus a 750gb 6gbps spare drive for shiggles
bluray burner/dvd burner sata drive of some sort

runs like a dream!!!! very proud of it: I was just playing crysis warhead, farcry 2, dead space 2, GTA 4, COD: Black Ops, battefield bad company 2.... all at 1920x1080 and everything maxed, 16xq AA.... couldnt get it to chug or even stutter.
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