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Default What voltage to use?

Ive got p5n-3 sli Asus motherboard, c2d e6300(1,86) and 2x1gb dual geil Ultra ddr2 800 44412.
I am running all my little oc on stock coolers and temps don'y go more than 70C most the time

BUT! I am experiementing to find a perfect high fsb, voltage, memory stable combination.
Most stable was fsb 1400(2,45ghz), memory 800 44412 1CL... but I want more.

The other highest combination that started was 2,97 (1700fsb)- but it freezes 30sec in windows.

As I moved along I found out that 1600fsb in combination with 800mhz memory, 44412 1CL makes for 2,8ghz, which is less than before but much more stable(now pc freezes only SOMETIMES... like during game or movie)

I am never adjusting voltages tho(leave em on auto). In bios there is Vcore, memory, nb adn offset(i guess these 2 are not important).
the HWmonitor shows vcore at 1,54v on that 2,8

Should I set v myself? what numbers?
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