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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Thanks for the shots sammy

Good thing I played the beta and wasn't looking forward to this game after that.
Maybe I'll get it when it's $10 on Steam, maybe...
Np m8, this game MIGHT improve if more time is spent tuning the wheel/controller settings but sofar i dont really think it's worth the effort. TDU was my favourite game for a long time and i spent hours and hours playing it so of course it's saddening when they shortchange the PC version and screw up so many things that made the first game great. This is a big let down, much like UT3 it destroyed the franchise and i have a hard time finding any fun in either. If all they're gonna do to port a game from console to pc is to add higher res and a small amount of AA i think they might aswell not bother.
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