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Default Re: 3D Vision kit ordered

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
Just ordered an nVidia 3D Vision kit, I couldn't resist.

Got the graphics cards, got the monitor, so it just had to be done.

Anyone here got any pointers? Seems to be a common theme to use little or no AA in games with it on. Is that because you no longer notice jaggies, or just that the performance hit is too great?

And i'm confused about this 3D TV Play thing. Is that just the new name for it? 3D Vision works the same?
I've been using 3d Vision and 3d Vision Surround since launch, can give you my opinions.

The AA thing is for both reasons, the blending of the two rendered images does have a "pseudo AA" effect. 3d Vision cuts framerates in half, so depending on the game, you may not want to cut it further.

3D TV Play is for HDMI 1.4 TVs, 3d Vision is for dual link dvi displays like the 120HZ monitors, DLP tvs with a 3d chip, and some projectors.

3D TV Play displays:

3d Vision Displays:

My last comments would be that the list of supported games is not all inclusive, I've played games in 3d that weren't on it before. Aslo you might want to try games that aren't in the excellent category, because they may have flaws in some areas of the game, but work great in the rest. (e.g. in Unreal 2 there are a few spots with light poles and railings that get rendered in total double vision, but 99% of the game looks great)

I like re-playing old games in 3d and seeing them in a new way.
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