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I just got a EVGA 560, not the super clocked one Last video card I bought was a Ti4600. Two things I notice with this card.

Noise: It's quiet enough at idle, but when you start a 3d game, the fan kicks up and it gets a bit loud. When I built this computer, I used a Thermalright heatpipe and very quiet fan, It runs at. ~450rpms and can almost keep the quad core below 40c under full load without speeding up. I also used very quiet case fans. So, this card really sticks out.

pausing during games: IF the game doesn't fully load the card, then it at times drops the fan speed. I'm guessing the fan is locked to the card speed and not to temp because at the same time, the game will pause for a fraction of a second. The fan always jumps back up right away, so it must be slowing down too much for the load. Doesn't have enough speed steps for smooth transition from no load to full load if it has any.

Update: found out where the fan noise was coming from. Wasn't the card, it was the UPS from the extra load. Card adds enough load to make it turn the fan on when in games. Card fan never reaches 50%.
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