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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Wow fantastic shots! Nice normal mapping and texture work on the A2A sf makes the realair one look a bit tacky,hows she fly? is the system modeling OTT or can you be lazy and set and forget

Strange but i dont see that red/pink tint with the BOP .dll on my end...humm maybe i uploaded the wrong pallet file(i have a few)i'll check once i get back on my main PC tommorrow and see,like mark says it seems diffrent on everyones systems JV's shots looked killer over at orbx but i pipped in his ini on my system and it melted my eyes....dam aces for not adding a simple gamma control to FSX!

MY 570 GTX arrived on thursday (turns out it was a factory OC version to) and although i havent had much time with it yet i can say from the time ive had on it its been fantasic
sofar ive only had a quick blast with FSX,ME2 and Just cause 2 (havent brought a PC game for a while now),can wait to get some real time to play with it gonna pickup DSII in the week when i get chance

as for Shade well its pretty much done (95% is say)

Im going to request permission to use some shots featuring PNW by Orbx for the GUI splash/preview screens(seems right to ask but if they say no i'll jusy go ask the GEX guys) i should have a beta for testing compiled late sunday/early monday which should be complete,tested (thats if nothing RL pops up to get in my way) what i'll need from you guys (if your still up for testing) is mainly feedback on the preset shadow depth levels and any anomalies you spot in FSX,once i have that i can set the final levels and kick up a manual/readme throw it in an installer and then shop it around......

Should have some more info very soon but fire me a PM (with your OS details plz) if you fancy being a tester

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