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Unhappy Huge problems with Adobe Flash

I don't know who to blame, but while Adobe Flash version works perfectly on my system (Fedora 14 i686, Firefox 3.6.13, NVIDIA 8800GT, NVIDIA driver 270.18), Flash version is largely unusable: any flash clip (even static advertisements) cause 100% CPU usage and mouse movement becomes extremely jerky even when I minimize Firefox window to the taskbar.

I for one have downgraded to but I don't quite like this decision, since this version is known to have some security related bugs (I hope Linux users will less likely to be targeted or exploited).

If anyone has the same problem as me or knows the solution to it, please, leave your comment here.

Edit: Another problem is that flash videos leave a video overlay which can be seen in all windows. This can be solved by restarting X server.

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