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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Interesting and sad at same time.
Parkour47:So here's a list of a few things the game needs (in no particular order) >>

1) Inverted Y-axis option
2) Motion blur On/Off (ala TDU 1)
3) Offline weather effects
4) Mute online chat option
5) A patch to enable selling of the pink car (albatross)
6) More radio stations
7) Improved traffic violation laws
8) Interior ****pit lights, and dashboard indicators
9) High beam headlights
10) Windscreen wipers
11) Seat position adjustment (ala TDU 1)
12) Various button configurations
13) Stronger force feedback
14) Ignition switch (ala TDU 1)
15) Manual clutch control
16) Drafting capability
17) Realistic braking
18) Handling, grip, weight and physics OVERHAUL
19) Make the licenses easier to obtain
20) Cheaper car wash, how about 150 instead of 1,500?
21) Separate driving aids, i.e. ABS, traction control, stability management
22) Better wheel support
23) Smaller map icons (ala TDU 1)
24) Faster downshifting
25) Custom music

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