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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

I stopped WoW after we had ulda on farm status and my dk was already on his final tier set items (collected all), then i got bored and i quit -.-

but one thing to note is..during weekdays the guild i was in was very pro, so we raided on nights 2-3 hours. we leave sat/sun for anything we want to do...on sat/sun nights we might clear the rest if we haven't....

i lost interest when they killed lich king/arthas.

Waiting for WoW 2.0 with engine updates/etc...and i mean an actual engine update...not some lame dx11 features /etc lol.

I was on blackrock pvp !

for the HORDE!...

lol i still have my warrior who hit HWL pre tbc ^_^...
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