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Default Re: EVGA GTX 560 Ti

It's driver related possibly. Texture flapping on the 10.12 Catalyst and 11.1s, x16 Anistropic filtering on the Radeons didn't yield as good results. The old shimmering issue was present on moving textures quite often.

Suggestions were to use Radeon Pro to toy with LOD bias but why should you need third party apps to do things that should be there in the CCC?

To rephrase, out of the box, with what you have to work with there and then, the nVidia cards do have better image quality.

Or, with less messing about, the nVidia cards have better image quality.

Even my gf who doesn't really care for this stuff noticed it pretty sharpish playing Crysis at identical settings.

I also noticed in Radeon Pro on the 10.12s that the midmap quality slider was also bang in the middle rather than full when the CCC were set to high quality. Again, driver related I assume.
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