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Default Re: What voltage to use?

Offcourse. I have it set to unlinked and manually set fsb and memory to 1600, 800
Voltage is at 1,400v in bios. HW monitor shows 1,39-1,40 (But I should go with lowest possible working right? Currently I am trying out 1,32150v and it seems o be stable
Temp in windows 7 32bit desktop is 48-50Celcious per each core
Should I do anything specific with memory or just keep it as I have at 44412 1CL 800 2,085v ?(going to 900 doesnt give me anything else than bsod)

So in order to go higher than 2,8 I need to mount fan onto nb radiator in order to rise voltage to 1,4 ? How do I check what voltage is on nb currently?

and XDanger- Do I really need ZIPPIT's PENCIL MOD? The voltage is just as I set in in bios

Edit: Ive managed to run at 2,98. And before it froze, I could see that fps in 3dmark were actually a little bit lower than on 2,8...
So I think that efficent OC for me right now would be 2,8ghz.
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