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Default Re: What voltage to use?

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Here is the technical understanding of it.

I've heard a variety of things about why it's there. Here is another nice litle discussion from XS.

I can't remember if it was Vdrop or Vdroop, but I've also heard discussion of needing to have the voltage lower under load so that when the CPU comes back out of load it doesn't overshoot the idle voltage. It looks like they are also talking about vdroop for that as well.

After reading some of the comments in the 2nd link it sounds like in link #3 the issue is mainly caused by cheap components with low regulation. Guessing the issues present in the 3rd entry can be migitaged by having a high end PSU and motherboard. A good scenario I can think of it a cheap PSU that starts out at like 12.5V on the 12V rail and under load falls to 11.7V. Once that is unloaded again there will be a huge increase in voltage. Combine that with some cheap motherboard regulation and it could send the CPU voltage well above what it's set at until it settles back to the correct voltage. By using more vdroop you can cheat and lower the voltage enough so that when this happens it won't cause the current to go above the motherboard settings.
Wow thanks. I am not sure if thats soo important with basic overclocking. Iam not doing anything extreme here... Btw. I have quite expensive 450w Chieftec psu.
So basicly I should be able to eliminate fluctuations of vcore ,making cpu more stable under load so It will not lower voltage during high stress?
Where to set this?

And I don't think I need other cooler for cpu. 70'C in stress isnt much. I gotta get 40mm for nb tho
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