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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
how would you rate copolit map coverage? are map upgrades free? this is fully offline (or can be offline)
My dad has had no problems. Upgrades are free. And as far as I know its fully offline. There are "live" services available as an extra cost which require data. My dad closes his internet coverage, so that he doesn't use the 200mb quickly, and opens it when he needs to. And he has it off as well as wifi when he drives, so it does not require data. Plus you download the maps straight from the app. Just set wifi on, and leave it overnight, its like 1GB for the US only maps.

Also, the US&Canada might be $25 but when you download the app, and purchase the US&Canada from the in app, it comes up to $10 more, and the app costs $5. So its $15. That makes no sense, but take a look at the prices, its funky. I might be wrong. But the US maps are $5
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