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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 4xx/5xx thread"

I've got my new system last Friday. I5-760, 8 Gb Ram, (They upgraded from 4 to 8 for free) 500 Gb Harddrive and a MSI Twin Frozr II 560 GTX.

I'm loving it so far. My new computer and the 560 GTX really seem to cut through everything I throw at it like a hot knife through butter.

I'm very impressed with the GTX 560. Seeing Metro 2033 at Very High is a really amazing experience. Revisiting Crysis was a treat as well and Starcraft II looks and feels smoother, more shiny and colorful than ever.

The only small problem I have is that the MSI card makes more noise than expected from the reviews, but that's probably because the case and my room aren't as cool as they could be. But even then, the sound is not annoying at all, it just sounds like a stream of wind, like for example with a fan during summer.

I'm very happy so far with the card. Very fast, great image quality and no problems at all. Just installing a game, clicking start and I can play immediately. It hasn't given me one issue yet over the weekend.
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