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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

I was a big fan of the original despite it having wonky physics. There just wasn't any other game that was like it because most racing games are just that, racing games. TDU was probably the first game that could be called a driving game because the roads didn't have the same layout like any other racing game. Pretty much all racing games even if they're open world or not have worlds designed like race tracks. The NFS series has the least convincing city design I've seen because there's no way anyone would design the roads like that in real life.

I've played TDU 2 now for about 16 hours according to Steam and I think it's really good. The physics are still a bit wonky, but a big improvement over the original. The driving physics is very similar to Dirt 1 I think. The environment design is fantastic I think because despite the huge size of the world the islands have many small details everywhere that make the world feel like it was designed which much more love and care than Fuel was for example. The sheer size of the islands make it possible to have a point-point race on Ibiza which is just one lap around the island which took me 47 minutes to finish with a 370z.

There's just nothing else like the TDU games and both the first game and now the second one I think provide a very different and compelling alternative to every other racing game out there. Unlike track racing games you can't really find any other better alternative to TDU 2 if you want to experience the feel of what it's like to actually drive these cars in a more real life kind of environment.

I think the amount of hate the game is receiving is really unjustified. Basically if you liked the first game you will most likely like the second one. If you thought the first game was ****, then yes I guess you could go ahead and play something else then.

EDIT: I read the thread and I can't believe anyone would think TDU 2 looks worse than the first game. First game didn't have any real time lighting system at all which the second one does. Also the vegetation looks way better, the textures are higher rez. Just everything looks better in TDU 2 IMO.

Also the engine sounds in the first game were extremely bad. In TDU 2 there are several cars which sound very very good which the first game didn't have at all. Yes the slower cars sound weak, but the faster ones generally sound very nice.
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