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Default Re: PS3 firmware 3.56 allegedly includes rootkit

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
You might want to check and see if it's doing it with other games. Might be a hardware issue.
It only did it with Ratchet and Clank twice during loading scenes after the update. LBP2 and GT5 seem to be fine.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
I don't have a problem with updates. Not sure why everybody else does :\.
Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Or maybe they need to check their connections. Or maybe don't rush to download the update the instant it is out. But I rarely have to worry about it anymore since it downloads them for me, since I am on PS+.
PS+ makes a big difference, I'd imagine, since it downloads everything at night for you.

Also, I rarely download the update the instance it is out. Actually, I have no idea. I use the PS3 about once every 3-4 weeks usually and don't pay attention to the update schedule.
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