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Default Re: Serious Sam 3: BFE - Official Release Windows Announced

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Same, and exactly for that reason. I much preferred Painkiller.
true but I think that the SS games have always had a sort of elementary brainless fun factor to them that made them a fun game to jump on and play.. especially back in the day at LAN parties and what not 4 player co-op was absolute insanity and generally regarded as more fun than any of the quake 3 or unreal tournament or battlefield stuff.

I can't wait for this new one. Croteam is always on top of the graphics too. I remember being floored by the very first one. Extremely detailed surfaces and tons of effects that really pushed the visual envelope.

I was a bit let down by the HD re-makes as they were basically just re-textured with the SS2 lighting engine but it was fun to re-play with buddies from back in the early SS1 days over steam.
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