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Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
It sound crazy to me that they can charge $200 for shutter glasses when they use to give them for free with the video cards.

Well I just got back to the Nvidia's side with the GTX 570. I've been a happy ATI 4700 crossfire owner for two and a half years, loved it.. I was going to switch to 6970 but could not justify spending $40 more for something that performs less and that sounds louder than GTX 570...

Anyhow, I was looking into getting the 3D Vision set but changed my mind after seeing the cost difference... I'll wait for a bit longer till prices go down to $30 - $40....
I had the shutter glasses of old, there was considerably less to them. These kits have an infrared emitter and lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Those glasses plugged in to your computer. Also, there is a lot of software optimization going on now, which wasn't happening then.

Is that worth $200? Who knows. OTOH as there is no competition in the market, so what will drive prices down?

I think you'll wait a while to see them at $30.. I got them in December 2008, and they were $200.. In February 2011, they're still $200.. (or close)
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