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Default Re: Is the ycbcr output using a rgb conversion?

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
I believe all displayed surfaces are RGB, including VDPAU surfaces, so configuring the display for YCbCr will involve another conversion step. Stephen will have to comment on the feasibility of displaying YCbCr surfaces directly without conversion.
Aaron, thank you for the comments. In that case I will have to stick to RGB for now.

But which one?

Would you happen to know if the VDPAU surfaces are being initially displayed in the RGB 0-255 or the 16-235 colorspace?

I use MythTV and XBMC and they both have options for 16-235 space, but I don't know if that is just another conversion. Can they pull the video directly from VDPAU in 16-235 or are they doing another conversion to achieve the 16-235 from 0-255?

Again, just trying to cut down on all the conversions.

If possible, I am also looking forward to Stephen's comments on displaying YCbCr without conversion. From what I have read it improves video picture quality and would be a big hit with the HTPC crowd. I was reading this article written by madshi and he talks about it here on page 4

Thanks again.
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