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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Originally Posted by TheManko View Post

I've played TDU 2 now for about 16 hours according to Steam and I think it's really good. The physics are still a bit wonky, but a big improvement over the original.
It's growing on m. I've got 20 hours in according to Steam. I think the one really big improvement from TDU 1 is the FRIM system where you get free money from driving around. It's kind of clever, every time you speed close past a car you get money. At points you can bank the money you have or keep going for more money. If you crash you lose the money you didn't bank.

It's very enjoyable.

I set my DFP wheel to 180 degrees and it works much better now. That input lag is almost gone.

Once you accept that it's not anything close to a sim you can get into the arcadey power slides and drifts.
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