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Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
Wondering Vin, what settings did you change in the bios for this OC?

I assume you set the ram manual, not by XMP? Did you manually enter anything other than Vcore, Dram voltage etc ?

I can't get passed 3.6Ghz, very strange one. Switching ram to Patriot Vipers tomorrow, this Corsair has been through alot.
For this OC, I used 175 base clock with a 23 multiplier. I turned off turbo boost (since the chip requires a lot more voltage to go past 4GHz) and raised the vcore to 1.2875V. I set every RAM timing manually to the SPD times, then I changed the RAM multiplier to make sure it stayed at or under stock speeds.

In my BIOS, the RAM timings are listed on the DRAM settings page (in the upper right). I just wrote those down then manually set them to make sure the motherboard doesn't try and tighten the voltages too much.

I will go through and take some pics of each screen for you when I get a chance.
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