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Default An age old question...

Hi guys - sorry if this is a cliche of a question, but I can't really find a specific answer for this anywhere, so I'm hoping one fo you can help!
I currently have the following:
Core2Quad Q9400 Overclocked to 3.2Ghz, with some Mushkin ddr2 800 Ram, so itís running in a 1:1 ratio. Due to the 800mhz Ram, I canít really comfortably overclock the processor any more.
Current Gfx card is a GTX460 1 gb.
I play on a 46 inch tv at 1080p, and I want some real graphics muscle for upcoming games like Crysis 2 and to be able to enable some features on Metro 2033. Basically I want to futureproof a little in the graphics department without having to upgrade to an I5/I7 rig just yet (waiting till the 3rd quarter, so the bugs are ironed out!).
My question is: Would it be worth getting a GTX 580 now, or would this be bottlenecked by my processor? Also, even if it is, would a bottleneck prevent me from benefitting from the cardís Anti Aliasing capabilities (e.g. the card is bottlenecked in Frames per second by the processor, but would other IQ settings impact the framerate any more? Are the IQ settings also CPU dependant?) I hope this makes sense!
Thanks in advanceÖ
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