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Default Re: No hdmi video on Asus AT3N7A-I with versions newer than 195.36.31


In, 3 users state that HDMI video doesn't work unless HDMI audio is played back. Can you please test and see if you have the same issue?

For complete details, see the HDMI audio sticky post. However, the short answer is to reproduce the problem of no video, somehow log into the machine (e.g. use Twinview with your desktop on a separate monitor, or SSH into your system) and then try running each of:

speaker-test -D hw:0,3 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:0,7 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:0,8 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:0,9 -c 2

speaker-test -D hw:1,3 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:1,7 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:1,8 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:1,9 -c 2

speaker-test -D hw:2,3 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:2,7 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:2,8 -c 2
speaker-test -D hw:2,9 -c 2

Do any of those solve your issue? Thanks.
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