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Default Re: MSI GTX 570 Crashes 3 - 4 minutes into game

I think I might have found the issue....

I loaded afterburner and my gtx 570 should have come OCed to 786/4200 but the memory was at 4400.

I lowered the memory to 4000MHz which is still 200 more than stock and it seems to be ok so far... I played a bit Mafia II and it didnt crash. I also ran the Heaven Bench and it was ok...

I dont think that 200 MHz will make such a big performance difference to me, and plus I got the card at $329 so I'll live with it...

I am of playing some Crysis now, I want to see how will it handle this game at max settings...

I'll write an update later if this really resolved my issue... I would not want to return this card back... it's really quiet
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