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Default Re: Backup an Android phone, how?

You need to figure out what exactly it is you're wanting to back up...

If you want docs / pics / videos /etc.... then that's goin to be on the SD card and honestly a simple drag and drop to a PC is your best choice.

For contacts I'd highly recommend not even bothering with local backups, push them all off to your gmail account. I could break my phone in half, log into my mom's android phone on my gmail account and get all my contacts back without missing a beat.

For backing up the actual apps... that's not so easy. Android isn't really built well to do that. I've had the most luck with mine using Clockwork Recovery, that definitely requires rooting your phone though. It replaces the stock recovery with a modified version which allows backups and flashing of other ROMs.

Might want to bother taking a look at Titanium Backup... I think it might require root though
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