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Default Re: I know what phone i want ;)

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
this just proves how little you know about digital photography, sensors, mp etc..

MP is the least important item that makes up a good image quality.

1) sensor size (sensors in phones are tiny)
2) glass aka lens (again, cheap, barelly anything there)
3) ISO performance (big joke on the phones)
4) aperature (no control on phones)
5) noise handling (extreme high amount of noise reduction, loosing details)

just five main factors, but there are more.
Same to you just proves how little you know about digital photography, sensors, mp etc..!!!

Only professional photographers knew more about digital photography, sensors, mp etc.

Of course ISO performance was joke on phones because the camera software on phones are very basic. BUT here something you dont know there actually apps for phones that can give you much better ISO performance on phones. Like my C905 stock symbian camera software have no ISO settings. I checked my pictures in low light conditions with EXIF data, the ISO settings was as high as 350 but no good in low light conditions, I replaced the default symbian camera driver with modded driver called Cybershot Xperience 7.0 which offer tons of new features the default driver lacked. With the modded driver I can use ISO settings up to 1000, same level as iphone 4 max ISO level to give the same image quality. Really very impressive with it and gave my C905 new lease of life for a while. Same thing go with Android camera software like on HTC phone can go as high as ISO 800 but there are many fantastic apps on Android market that give more and better features with up to ISO 6400.

Last year when Motorola Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S came out and people included professional DSLR photographers posted photos from Droid X on Android forums. I and everybody was blowed away at the photos professional DSLR photographers took pictures on Droid X using Vignette app and compared the same shot with a DSLR camera, everybody and I were absolutely astonished that Vignette app can make good photos as good as it did the same thing with a DSLR camera. With Vignette app, you can control ISO settings, shutter speed, aperature, noise handling, HDR, DOF etc to make professional photos. You will need to learn how to use it properly.

Once again you said last time if you want BETTER QUALITY PICTURES, BUY A REAL CAMERA!

Let see how 129 new Pentax Optio LS1000 real camera performed at night shot.

Guess What? It made terrible picture quality far worse than my modded C905 camera and also far worse than both iphone 4 and itouch 4.

Let see how it peformed in 720p. Guess What? The video quality is not great and it cannot handle 30fps. It only can do 15fps! How shocked is that? It cant matched itouch 4, iphone 4 and many 2.2 android phones 720p at 30fps.
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