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Default Re: Office 2010 Pro Academic

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
I just bought Office 2010 Pro Academic (the $80 "ultimate steal" deal) and I'm wondering if anybody knows if the key I have is good for a regular Office 2010 pro disc. Reason I ask is because I'm wondering if I can torrent an ISO (yeah grey area blah blah, I know) and burn that to a DVD as an offline backup.

If so, I don't suppose any MSDN subscribers know the sha1sum or md5sum of the Office 2010 Professional ISO? Not professional plus, just professional.

EDIT: Just downloaded the office 2010 "trial" and used my academic key, it worked to activate the full version, so guessing the ISO would work as well. Need to find the sha1sum/md5sum though.
If you bought the Pro Academic copy, then why can't you back up that? It must have downloaded the files somewhere if it was an online copy. Burn those files to disc. I fail to see why you need to download a disc to back it up...
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