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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
* Strategy Informer 7.5/10
* VideoGamer 7/10
* bit-tech 4/10
* GameSpot 7.5/10
* Eurogamer 7/10
* Attack of the Fanboy Like
* GameSpy 2.5/5
* Review Busters 5.8/10
* G4TV 4/5
Interesting... Read G4's review to see why they gave it a better score than everyone else. Basically the review read the same as the others, but they felt that the game itself is unique enough that for a casual person wanting to play a game with cars it will be good enough.

With all of the poor reviews maybe, just maybe they'll actually patch one or two things on this game. Only problem is every review I've seen was for the 360, so chances of it working with an actual wheel versus a game pad probably aren't the best.
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