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Default Re: vdpau slowness with 260.19.06

Originally Posted by dk75 View Post
Are you saying that 69fps 1080 decode capability is to slow to playback smoothly 30fps 1080 actual movie?
My ION box is at least 2 times slower in VDPAU test than your and still I have smooth playback.
Your box is fast enough to have mixer temporal spatial + ivtc at any Bluray material and it is not enough?
I know, maybe with older drivers I twas like 20% faster but still, it is not a major issue for jumpy playback.

Did you tried to omit PulseAudio for playback?
I don't say to kick out PulseAudio because Ubuntu is too much integrated with it, but playing back with ALSA plugin in PulseAudio solved my jumpy playback problem.
I’m saying 14fps is too slow to watch anything and that my cpu is faster at decoding.
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