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Default Re: ***Official Gran Turismo 5 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Second, the race requirements are bad at explaining who's eligible some times. For example, the Lightweight K Cup lists about 40 cars I can use, but it doesn't give the stipulations (e.g. cars under 800 kg or something). Other races do, though, so I don't know why they didn't do that with all of them. In the older games, the stipulations were listed very well I always thought.
The stipulations are clearly defined when you click "Race Requirments" (not sure if that's the exact wording. It's right next to "Typical Opponents."

If you want a decent challenge you will choose a car that's no better in terms of hp/weight than the best typical opponent.

I wish they told what tires the opponents use but it's usually Sports Hard tires. When you look at a replay for any race you can see the tires the opponents are using if you set your camera on one of them and look at the stats.

Unfortunately, the licenses don't restrict you from racing in certain races. That would make too much sense.

As a game I would say it's not that good. There is no damage in A-Spec, there are few race restrictions so you can easily overpower the AI, and that AI is very poor at dealing with grid starts. The seasonal events with rolling starts are much better. And finally the credits and leveling are poorly designed. At some point you will find you lack the level or credits for the next race. You will have to do other things or repeat races in order to level up or earn more credits.

However, the License tests, Special Events and Seasonal Events make this a better "game" than Forza 3 IMO.

Also as a simulator and online racing simulator it's currently the best available on any platform including PC.

--better physics than FM3
--more cars and variety than iRacing or LFS
--far cheaper than iRacing
--far more casual and aproachable, less intimidating than iRacing.

Overall, even considering the awful B-Spec stuff, GT5 is exceptional.
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