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Default Re: vdpau slowness with 260.19.06

Originally Posted by dk75 View Post
ah sorry... it seems that I've didn't look for whom I've talked - I've posted to cihy@ after his test result and assumed that it's still this same talk with you
Sorry again.
sorry i assumed you were asking the other folks here

i'll admit, xbmc is pretty good at the moment. for 1080 especially.

i guess i was thinking nvidia driver for the odd video jumps i get in xine... but it may totally be xine's side.

i too had a really hard time with pulse audio... and went back to alsa as well.
it does work a lot better and smoother.

what i *need* out of my htpc is xine mostly though.
xbmc is awesome, but xine is my interface to vdr (and satellite HD).

i do see a lot of 'video jump' in xine. its driving me crazy.
and what is worst is that i see some HD channels without any problems...
and then there are some which just cause video jumps non stop.
i just dont know how to debug this.

glad that you said i should have no problems given what i posted... it has given me hope.
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