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Default Re: MSI GTX 570 Crashes 3 - 4 minutes into game

Well I decided to RMA the card and get a new replacement.
Newegg are great about that. I called them and one hour later they mailed me a new one, which I'll get in a day or two, and I'll just mail this one back.

I think it has a faulty memory, I was able to raise the GPU clock to 800 with no problems but every time I raised the mem clock over 4000Mhz my games started crashing.

MSI factory OCes this card to 786/4200. It might have also been a poorly applied thermal paste. I've had before, on my 6900GT uneven distribution of thermal paste which caused artifacts and I resolved the issue after reapplying arctic silver on all of them.

Anyhow, It sucks that I have to go through this with my new card, so I hope the replacement does not have any of this issues...
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