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Default Re: Xorg hang with 100% cpu, any driver version, GTX275

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
umm, could this maybe point out a hardware fault?
Maybe, but no "GPU errors" were ever reported under X server 1.7 or 1.6.

I don't really have any way of finding whether this is a hardware fault other than to ask nvidia (which doesn't seem to be helping) - the alternative is buy another card and hope it's more stable than this one. However, it took several years of driver updates for most of the major bugs and instability with this one to get fixed - so I'm not keen to get a more recent GPU and wait through all that again. Also, these cards are quite expensive in Australia, and I don't like spending money on graphics cards as they always seem so unreliable.

My current GTX275 is actually a warranty return - when I first received it, it was DOA. If it did have a hardware problem during the warranty period, there is no way I could have known about it - the drivers during that period were so unstable there was no way to distinguish driver failure from hardware failure.
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