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Default Re: Upgraded to GTX580 but can only get low resolution

I manually upgraded to the latest beta driver and that appears to work. There's still some misconfiguration from my second monitor now being on DFP-3 (was DFP-1) but that's fixable.

My new problem is that after about 2 seconds of playing something 3D (tests were done with Prey (native) and Dragon Age Origins (wine)) the system powers off immediately. I tried underclocking the CPU and it lasted for about 40 seconds and did the same. Just powered off immediately.

Due to the immediacy of the powering off, I think this could be a power issue. I've moved back to my 260 now and I'm going to order a larger PSU to try and offset the new card.

But I'd like others' opinions. Does this sound like a PSU-overload issue to you?
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