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Default Re: Huge problems with Adobe Flash

Still have issues in 270.26 with nvidia 8200. The flash video/app areas sometimes can be seen in the background of other tabs - the text is visible, but the background has the flash plugins images.

This happens with Chromium (latest dev), Firefox (beta 4 11), SeaMonkey, Opera (11.01).

Switching to another virtual terminal and back fixes this issue, but the flash area becomes grey in case of youtube videos and most of the times dont repaint. Apps such as Farmville on Facebook repaint.


This may happen only on cards that support vdpau. On my 8200 (vdpau B) i have these issues, but on a Quadro NVS 135M (vdpau A) i saw it only once or twice.
Wonder how it does on older cards.
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