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Default Re: vdpau slowness with 260.19.06

Are you sure that your xine binary have VDAPU decoding capability?
Did you tried newest SVN MPlayer for satellite stream dumping?
Just a tough as I've never had satellite receiver and as that never seek answers for that questions.

As a mater of thumb, satellite streams are not too complicated and easy to decode because it needs to be done by cheap hardware decoders that is not as elaborate as software decoders and don't understands most of the high quality encoding/decoding options.
So it shouldn't be a problem to decode this smoothly with VDAPU capable software.
Unless there is a bug in a software.
I must say that I have no problem right now with 1080 material that had been re-encoded from satellite stream and encoded with more complicated options that original stream itself so... if XBMC works fine for you that means you must check your xine copy.
Did you compiled it yourself with VDPAU patch or you use Ubuntu supplied one.
If the later... I didn't know that it have VDPAU support.
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