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Default Re: New flashplugin 10.2 video overlay issue (Nvidia ralated ???).

Originally Posted by firew4lker View Post
The only way to "reset" it is to restart X.
You can switch to a vt (with ctrl+alt+f1 etc) and back (ctrl+alt+f7 or f8). That too clears it.
And sometimes makes the plugin area grey in the proces and you have to reload the page...

It happens with the 270.x drivers (probably the 260's too) on 8xxx series cards (i have a 8200) all the time and for lesser extent with a NVS Quardo 135M.

Also you might experience vdpau tearing after a plugin was loaded regardless if the browser was closed since - though this behaviour seems corrected in 270.26 drivers.

Maybe it is related to the cards supported vdpau features (my 8200 has B, the Quadro has A)...

Definitely seems to be a nvidia driver+flashplugin issue as all major browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chromium) exhibit this behaviour on Linux ( i have Debian testing 32-bit).


The issue seems to be mainly with treating background colours or text colours as transparent (but never both at the same time).
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