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Default Re: Please recommend alternatives to iPhone4 as upgrade from 3GS?

Well, I've had a good few hours playing with teh phone last night and the more I get used to it and get things how I want, the more I like it. It's like moving in to a new home. You know everything's here somewhere, you just need to find it and put it where you want

The OS is better than I'd been expecting. Very well thought out and perdy. Everything's nicely customisable, the widgets are great and browsing is a whole new experience with the higher res. screen. The only real drawback that I've found so far is the battery life. After a few hours of messing it was down to 30%, but to be fair, with that huuuuge bright screen it is to be expected.

Other bits; the camera is superb for it's size, the built-in speaker is really poo, but the sound quality through my headphones is superb. It can play Flash!! and unlike my 3GS it can actually use the 3G network without the 'No Service' bullsh.

Great phone!
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