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Default Xid Error and system hangup at FIXED ABSOLUTE DATES


we use Novell Desktop Linux 10SP1 and NVS 290 on several Hardware Platforms (all Intel, Core2DUO and ASUS MB) and have the Problem of Xid Errors in /var/log/messages together with hangup of the X system at fixed dates. This happens on all machines with load on the X-Server at:

15Apr2010 07:45, 04Jun2010 00:47, 23Jul2010 17:08, and 31Oct2010 02:56,
19Dec2010 19:59 and the last: 07Feb2011 13:01.

The failure appears on a lot of machines even if they are not connect over network. It is reproduceable (!). Set the date to 07Feb2011 13:00 and start the X Server with load, it crahses.

The dates are at the moments, the gettimeofday() in the second-part returned values * 1000 make an overflow.

Can anyone have a look at the driver to fix this "time oveflow" problem please ?

Thanks a lot !
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