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Default Re: Which to get: GTX 570 ($310) or 6950 ($250)?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Unless Madpistol is a software developer working on a game that will require more than 1.28GB of VRAM at the OPs native res, I don't know how he (or anyone) can make this prediction.

The fact of the matter is most games are console ports, and consoles don't have 2GB of VRAM. The VRAM issue is only in play if the OP is thinking about going to three monitors, which hasn't been stated here.

For the hardware he has, the GTX570 is the better choice. Unlocking a 6950 isn't guaranteed, and has destroyed cards.

As far as the reputed "5fps difference" goes:
Wait- adding tons of AA wont increase framebuffer usage? I never new AA had was free in regards to framebuffer usage!

Even for "console ports", tacking on AA increases framebuffer usage considerably. The higher the level of AA, the higher the framebuffer usage.

Originally Posted by Moo View Post
Thanks for the responses.

I have a special interest in RPGs such as Fallout & Oblivion with the hi-rez user mods (and Skyrim when it comes out).

Which card will serve me better?
6950 all the way.
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