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I've used the 248 version on a mandrake 9.0 for a while, and all worked fine.

I've recently installed a 9.1, and when I've installed the nforce drivers 261, programs like xmms or xine work fine, but when I launched quake3arena, it crashes with a segmentation fault.

It seems that q3a is using 11Khz and 22Khz audio, so I've tried to append the spdif_status=0 in file modules.conf, but I get the same crash.

In fact, at the first launch, q3a crashes, then at the second launch, the game works, but no sound at all, even for all other programs.

I'm not using the 6 channel audio, so when I've replaced the nvaudio driver, all programs who use audio work fine, so I decided to use the i810 audio driver until that bug will be fixed.

I'm using 1.32b-3 Linux native q3a version with a windows version of the file pak0.pk3.

I've flashed the bios last week with a version 1007 (, a v1003 was shipped with the motherboard.

Hope this will be useful
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